Capturing the romance of Darkness

Professional photography capturing and visually documenting lifestyles, weddings, interests and celebrations for those who see beauty in gothic, dark and true alternative lifestyles.

There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.

Edgar Allan Poe – Ligeia

Goth Photography of a goth girl in a park

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography captures and commemorates a moment in time, immortalising your look, celebrating your individuality, or depicting your devotion to another.

Shoots for individuals, couples or all who seek them.

Dress to impress in your darkest finery.

Wedding Photography

Documenting your darkly romantic wedding and preserving the memories of your day. Storytelling photography portraying the most important ceremonial day of your relationship.

Lifestyle and Interests Photography

Images which are representative of your lifestyle or interests.
Band photography and event photography for promotional or marketing awareness.

Be seen by your scene.